UV + Ozone Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp
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UV + Ozone Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp

Remote-controlled UVC Ozone Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Sterilization Lamp Disinfection 99.9%
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Remote-controlled UVC Ozone Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Sterilization Lamp Disinfection 99.9%

This UV and ozone sterilizer uses ozone gas and UV light to clean your home, laboratory, restaurant, or kindergarten.
The anti-microbial properties of simultaneous ozone gas and uv light provide a dual and powerful sanitizing effect capable of eliminating more than 99% of common pathogenic organisms like bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.. The antimicrobial properties of ozone also eliminate the odors produced by various organisms providing a deodorizing effect as well. Best of all, this sterilizer is very safe and efficient, does not use any liquids, harsh chemicals, or heat, and does not damage any surfaces or leaves any chemical residues behind.



  • Three gears, delayed start 15 seconds, 10M remote control. So it is safe to prevent ultraviolet radiation
  • Efficient and portable. Easy to move and carry.
  • Antibacterial rate reaches 99.99%, removes and kills bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds, and effectively improves the living environment
  • Safe and durable: High-purity quartz glass tube means more durable, and its lamp life reaches 8000 hours
  • Wide range of uses: can be used at home, school, kindergarten, hospital, etc.
  • Ozone as a gas, it can deodorize and sanitize those hard to reach places on your equipment, making sure you get a greater than 99.9% kill rate of bacteria, viruses and molds.
  • Ozone Sanitizer can be used to Sterilize cloth and face Masks in the Protection against COVID-19



  • Rated Power: 38W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Type: Germicidal UV Light
  • Lifetime: 8000 Hours
  • Use Area / Working Time: 10㎡ / 15 minutes, 20㎡ / 30 minutes, 40㎡ / 60 minutes

Measurements: cm
Dia. 21, high 47.


* Prolonged exposure to UV rays can burn human and animal skin, do damage to the human eye.

* Pay attention to indoor precious calligraphy obscured to prevent prolonged ultraviolet radiation oxidation discoloration.

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