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FOUNDATION Rustic Pine 1.8/2.1m Dining Table

The FOUNDATION range is made using very solid pine wood, and exhibits an appealing and enduring, rustic style.
$800.00 from $542.00

TASMAN Solid NZ Pine 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4 Dining Table *Live Edge

TASMAN Solid NZ Pine dining table in 5 sizes: 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m,2.2m and 2.4m. Classical design, solid, strong and comfy. The frame is of black steel with powder coated.
$600.00 from $383.00

Wyatt 140-180 Extension Dining Table

The Wyatt extension dining table has a surprise up its sleeve.
$579.00 $416.00

Polo Glass 100/ 120 Round Dining Table

Our Polo series come with tempered clear glass tops and strong metal legs in a wood grain finish which includes a Dining table, coffee table, and side table
$250.00 from $174.00

CHRISTMAS Acacia Dining Table in 3 Sizes

Our CHRISTMAS series comes in white painted timber with Acacia wood accents.
$899.00 from $493.00

FRANCO 1.8 /2.1m Dining Table *Solid NZ Pine

FRANCO Solid NZ Pine dining table in natural color, Classical design, solid, strong and comfy. Available in 2 sizes: 1.8m or 2.1m.
$600.00 from $437.00

TIEKE 180 Dining Table

Our solid-looking TIEKE 180 dining table come with thick metal cross legs in black
$493.50 from $361.00

VOLAKAS 160-240 Extension Dining Table

The VOLAKAS extension dining table is a stunner, its top is covered in 6mm tempered glass + 5.5mm Volakas Marble ceramic -for an amazing effect!
$1,799.00 $1,076.00

Gallop 180 Dining Table *Live Edge

The Gallop series is consists of dining chairs, dining bench, and dining table
$449.00 $339.00

STUTTGART 160 Dining Table *Black

Modern dining table in a sleek design. Strong and comfortable.
$299.00 $185.00

UMBRIA Mindi Wood 1.8m / 2m Dining Table

The UMBRIA series is generous, it covers Bedroom, Dining and Living areas of the home.Fans of wood grain items will love this range.
$999.00 from $526.00

UPTON 180 Dining Table

The UPTON dining table has a grey mottled table top and lovely contrasting dark oak wood legs and frame.
$318.00 $163.00

ANTON 210 Dining Table *White Concrete on Solid Acacia

Our ANTON range covers dining and living rooms.ANTON has sizeable, whitewashed, solid acacia wood legs and frames, with matt white tops.
$898.00 $713.00

ASHFORD Dining Table

The Ashford dining table comes in a delicious, walnut tint, with obvious woodgrain features.
$600.00 $403.00

CANTERBURY 180 Dining Table

The eye-catching CANTERBURY dining table has a lovely walnut coloured top, made with solid wood and veneer, and unique, white, cross-bracing on the legs.
$600.00 from $460.00

Danmark 160/190 Dining Table

Our Danmark range brings great looking, contemporary, style to our dining and lounge furniture sectors. Tabletops are finished in a wood grain veneer.
$799.00 from $251.00

Farmhouse Solid Teak 418 Dining Table *Live Edge (Low stock)

The FARMHOUSE teak solid wood dining table has Live edges and only for larger spaces.
$8,898.00 $5,476.00

Hobart 240 Dining Table *Epoxy Resin Top (Low stock)

The attractive HOBART series consists of 3 items: a 2.4m dining table, 2.1m benches, and 1.4m coffee table.
$2,848.50 $2,088.00

London 190 Dining Table

The LONDON Dining Table has a steel base and comes in a good-looking, gunmetal brown colour, have interesting and engaging frames and bracing
$449.00 $251.00

BARBADOS Reclaimed Timber 160/190/230 Dining Table

The BARBADOS range includes items for your Bedroom and Living areas.Fans of hand-made, strongly built, grainy, solid wood furniture will be right at home with this series.
$999.00 from $636.00

Eden 120 Round Dining Table

The Eden dining series has a beautiful style about it
$299.00 $185.00


The FRANKLIN dining table brings a lovely, fresh to feel to any dining area.
$249.00 $141.00

Goblet 180/200 Dining Table

Our solid-looking Goblet dining table comes in 1.8m and 2.0 with thick metal legs in black
$559.00 from $383.00

HENSLEY 160/180 Dining Table

Our solid-looking HENSLEY Dining Table comes in 1.6m and 1.8 with thick metal legs in black.
$559.00 from $317.00


The good-looking LUTE series comprises dining table, tv unit, coffee table, and a side table. Each piece has an attractive 'cement' look top, with 'grey oak' veneer on the other surfaces
$349.00 $185.00

NEPTUNE Solid Acacia 180 Dining Table

Our NEPTUNE Acacia range is made of solid acacia wood and acacia wood veneer -finished in a light sandy brown colour.
$899.00 $548.00

Salerno 2.0 /2.4m Dining Table *Solid Acacia

The SALERNO dining tables are made of solid Acacia wood and come in two handy sizes: 2.0m and 2.4m long.
$1,599.00 from $823.00

TITAN 182 Foldable Rectangular Dining Table

TITAN Dining Table is a specially designed table for commercial use !!
$299.00 $174.00

Titan Fordable Round Dining Table 92/152/182

Titan Dining Table is a specially designed table for commercial use !!
$299.00 from $141.00

TULIP ROUND Dining Table *Dark

TULIP mordern design dining/cafe table in dark color.
$300.00 $174.00

CAROL Solid Acacia 180 Dining Table *Black

The CAROL series is a great new line we've just started carrying which is available now in black colour.
$799.00 $493.00

Imperial 163 Dining Table * Real Black MarbleTop/solid white wash Timber in (Low stock)

The IMPERIAL series includes dining and lounge furniture. This one really shows its style - all table tops are in white & black marble, while the solid timber legs and frames show classic detailing with an aged look.
$899.00 $493.00

Nashville Acacia Wood 180/200 Dining Table

The NASHVILLE series comprises 8 items. Every interesting piece is made from durable,solid Acacia wood with an antique, rustic finish.
$718.00 from $603.00

PLAZA Round Dining Table

Our New PLAZA range brings great looking, contemporary, style to our dining and lounge furniture sectors.
$300.00 $262.00

SEVENOAKS 180-220 Extension Dining Table with Oak Legs

Our SEVENOAKS 1.8m extension dining table meets many needs, when it extends by 40cm in length as required.
$600.00 $394.00

WAVERLEY Oak Dining Table *3 Sizes

The extended WAVERLEY series will appeal to natural oak furniture lovers. WAVERLEY has items for Dining, Living and Bedrooms.
$789.00 $471.00

ARYA 150/180/200 Dining Table *Solid Acacia

The new ARYA Acacia Wood collection is a broad one. It covers Bedroom, Dining and Living areas of the house.
$643.50 from $471.00

AURELIUS 1.8/2.2/2.4m Oak Dining Table

The AURELIUS series contains items for your bedroom and living areas. All items are made using oak , in a dark walnut colour. Legs are of strong black steel, as are the handles used.
$1,799.00 from $1,098.00

BODEN 180 Dining Table

The BODEN dining table hits the mark, with genuine walnut veneer, and lovely matching grey painted legs.
$550.00 $482.00

Calla 180 Dining Table *Solid Acacia

The CALLA series comes in attractive 'Caramel and Black Olive' colours, and comprises items for Bed, Lounge, and Dining rooms.
$550.00 $328.00

Darwin 180 Dining Table *Australian Blackwood

The beautiful, eye-catching DARWIN series comprises 6 items: 1.8m dining table, 1.58m benches, a buffet, tv unit, a 1.2m coffee table and a 0.6m lamp table.
$899.00 $570.00

FRANK 153-198 Extension Dining Table

The FRANK 153-198cm extension dining table comes in a beautifully warm eye-catching coffee brown colour.
$600.00 $218.00

JAZZ 120-350 Extension Dining Table / Boardroom Table

Our JAZZ extension dining table / boardroom table has a grey, powder-coated metal frame and legs, and its top is 8mm tempered glass in champagne colour; AND you can pull out 2x60cm and 2x55cm extensions from one end of the table!
$1,200.00 $658.00

KITO 180 Dining Table *Solid European Wild Oak

The KITO dining table is an extension to our very popular range of oak furniture. The solid wood used is European Wild Oak, and displays unique features of the 'au naturel' timber used.
$1,200.00 $768.00

MALMO Solid Recycled Wood 180/ 200 Dining Table (Low stock)

MALMO series is made of recycled wood, creating for the dining and living areas of your home.
$1,400.00 from $548.00

Nottingham 150-195 Extension Dining Table *Solid Oak

The NOTTINGHAM range is made using beautiful solid oak and partially oak veneer. The series comprises bedroom and dining items all with a warm, honey coloured stain.
$899.00 $658.00

OPPEID 180 Dining Table *White

OPPEID modern design dining table in white colour
$500.00 $218.00

OTAGO 140-240 Extension Dining Table

The OTAGO extension dining table's frame and legs come in a white powder coated finish, which matches evenly with the Super White, 8mm tempered glass top.
$800.00 $613.00

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