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Bijok 120 Dining Table

Bijok is a small light oak veneer dining table with very firmly-fixed steel legs in black and gold colour .
$199.00 $135.00

OSLO Dining Table

OSLO is a small white matt dining table with very firmly-fixed steel legs, in a light oak veneer.
$189.00 $119.00

TASMAN Solid NZ Pine 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4 Dining Table *Live Edge

TASMAN Solid NZ Pine dining table in 5 sizes: 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m,2.2m and 2.4m. Classical design, solid, strong and comfy. The frame is of black steel with powder coated.
$600.00 from $416.00

CAROL Solid Acacia 180 Dining Table *Black

The CAROL series is a great new line we've just started carrying which is available now in black colour.
$799.00 $493.00

Goblet 180/200 Dining Table

Our solid-looking Goblet dining table comes in 1.8m and 2.0 with thick metal legs in black
$559.00 from $383.00

HENSLEY 160/180 Dining Table *Live Edge

Our solid-looking HENSLEY Dining Table comes in 1.6m and 1.8 with thick metal legs in black.
$559.00 from $317.00

OPPEID 180 Dining Table *White

OPPEID modern design dining table in white colour
$500.00 $218.00

Sara 180 Dining Table *Solid Acacia

The SARA series comes in an attractive 'Cashew' colour, and comprises items for Bed, Lounge, and Dining rooms.
$549.00 $199.00


The TAPPER dining table is made of solid wood and stained a lovely, warm, nut brown.
$523.50 $383.00

AURELIUS 1.8/2.2/2.4m Oak Dining Table

The AURELIUS series contains items for your bedroom and living areas. All items are made using oak , in a dark walnut colour. Legs are of strong black steel, as are the handles used.
$1,799.00 from $1,098.00

Darwin 180 Dining Table *Australian Blackwood

The beautiful, eye-catching DARWIN series comprises 6 items: 1.8m dining table, 1.58m benches, a buffet, tv unit, a 1.2m coffee table and a 0.6m lamp table.
$899.00 $499.00


The EILBY dining table comes in two handy lengths -1.8m and 2.2m
$799.00 from $438.00

TOLIX Replica Tables *Gun Metal Color Leg

Our very popular TOLIX tables have spread their wings! They are now only available with gun metal coloured frames.
$379.00 from $196.00

ARYA 150/180/200 Dining Table *Solid Acacia

The new ARYA Acacia Wood collection is a broad one. It covers Bedroom, Dining and Living areas of the house.
$643.50 from $471.00

ASHFORD Dining Table

The Ashford dining table comes in a delicious, walnut tint, with obvious woodgrain features.
$600.00 $403.00

CANTERBURY 180 Dining Table

The eye-catching CANTERBURY dining table has a lovely walnut coloured top, made with solid wood and veneer, and unique, white, cross-bracing on the legs.
$600.00 from $460.00

Danmark 160/190 Dining Table

Our Danmark range brings great looking, contemporary, style to our dining and lounge furniture sectors. Tabletops are finished in a wood grain veneer.
$799.00 from $251.00

Farmhouse Solid Teak 418 Dining Table *Live Edge (Out of Stock)

The FARMHOUSE teak solid wood dining table has Live edges and only for larger spaces.
$8,898.00 $5,476.00

Hobart 240 Dining Table *Epoxy Resin Top (Out of Stock)

The attractive HOBART series consists of 3 items: a 2.4m dining table, 2.1m benches, and 1.4m coffee table.
$2,848.50 $1,899.00

Sicily 150/180/ 210 Dining Table * Solid Wood - Ash Top (Out of Stock)

The large SICILY series is painted crisp and white with light brown ash timber tops. It brings a light and bright feel to any room.
$799.00 from $549.00

Westminster 150-200 Extension Dining Table *Solid Oak (Low stock)

The WESTMINSTER range is made using beautiful, solid oak and partially oak veneer. The series comprises bedroom and dining room items, and also a bookcase.
$899.00 $759.00

NEPTUNE Solid Acacia 180 Dining Table (Low stock)

Our NEPTUNE Acacia range is made of solid acacia wood and acacia wood veneer -finished in a light sandy brown colour.
$899.00 $548.00

Salerno 2.0 /2.4m Dining Table *Solid Acacia (Out of Stock)

The SALERNO dining tables are made of solid Acacia wood and come in two handy sizes: 2.0m and 2.4m long.
$1,599.00 from $823.00

TITAN 182 Foldable Rectangular Dining Table

TITAN Dining Table is a specially designed table for commercial use !!
$299.00 $174.00

Titan Fordable Round Dining Table 92/152/182

Titan Dining Table is a specially designed table for commercial use !!
$299.00 from $141.00

Nashville Acacia Wood 180/200 Dining Table (Low stock)

The NASHVILLE series comprises 8 items. Every interesting piece is made from durable,solid Acacia wood with an antique, rustic finish.
$718.00 from $603.00

PLAZA Round Dining Table (Low stock)

Our New PLAZA range brings great looking, contemporary, style to our dining and lounge furniture sectors.
$300.00 $262.00

BODEN 180 Dining Table (Out of Stock)

The BODEN dining table hits the mark, with genuine walnut veneer, and lovely matching grey painted legs.
$550.00 $482.00

FEDERATION 180 Dining Table (Out of Stock)

Solid pine made 180 cm long dining table in rustic federation design.
$599.00 $438.00

JAZZ 120-350 Extension Dining Table / Boardroom Table

Our JAZZ extension dining table / boardroom table has a grey, powder-coated metal frame and legs, and its top is 8mm tempered glass in champagne colour; AND you can pull out 2x60cm and 2x55cm extensions from one end of the table!
$1,200.00 $658.00

MALMO Solid Recycled Wood 180/ 200 Dining Table (Out of Stock)

MALMO series is made of recycled wood, creating for the dining and living areas of your home.
$1,400.00 from $548.00

OTAGO 140-240 Extension Dining Table (Low stock)

The OTAGO extension dining table's frame and legs come in a white powder coated finish, which matches evenly with the Super White, 8mm tempered glass top.
$800.00 $613.00

WILDBRANCH 200 Dining Table *Solid Teak

The large WILDBRANCH series will spark interest, and add freshness, to your living areas.
$1,199.00 $399.00

Farmhouse 150/180 Dining Table *Solid Pine

The FARMHOUSE series will be a favourite with “solid wood” fans. This range currently includes: Queen bed, bedside table, tallboy, dining table with chairs, and a bookcase
$599.00 from $295.00

Nixon Solid Timber 180 Dining Table *Antique Finish

Our Nixon is made of solid timber with Antique finish in a light sandy brown color.
$559.00 $372.00

SENTRA Extension 210-350 Dining Table / Boardroom Table (Out of Stock)

Our matt white SENTRA extension dining table or boardroom table is something you really must see! If you occasionally need a very looong table, this could be it!
$1,348.50 $988.00

CALINGTON Rustic 180 Dining Table

CALINGTON series Rough Sawn solid pine made dining table.
$800.00 $603.00

BOTSWANA Solid Acacia 150 /180 /200 Dining Table

Solid acacia range comes in a dark brown colour with additional highlights.
$749.00 from $504.00

ALPHA 160 Table *White/Black

A modern table with solid beech legs, suitable for dining or working. *White Color only available in CHCH.
$350.00 $207.00

BARBADOS Reclaimed Timber 160/190/230 Dining Table (Out of Stock)

The BARBADOS range includes items for your Bedroom and Living areas.Fans of hand-made, strongly built, grainy, solid wood furniture will be right at home with this series.
$999.00 from $636.00

HAMPTON Dining Table (Out of Stock)

Classical and industrial dining table and chairs. Made with metal frame and solid elm veneer top.
$999.00 $680.00

TULIP ROUND Dining Table *Dark (Out of Stock)

TULIP mordern design dining/cafe table in dark color.
$300.00 from $174.00

TULIP ROUND Dining Table *White (Out of Stock)

TULIP mordern design dining/cafe table in white color.
$300.00 from $174.00

CAROL Solid Acacia 1.8M/2.1M Dining Table

CAROL series is made of Solid Acacia wood with some parts of Veneer.
$799.00 $493.00

STUTTGART 160 Dining Table *Black (Out of Stock)

Modern dining table in a sleek design. Strong and comfortable.
$299.00 $159.00

UMBRIA Mindi Wood 1.8m / 2m Dining Table (Low stock)

The UMBRIA series is generous, it covers Bedroom, Dining and Living areas of the home.Fans of wood grain items will love this range.
$999.00 from $526.00

CARDIFF Dining Table *Solid European Wild Oak & Made in Europe

Dining tables in 3 sizes. Solid European wild oak timber made and crafted in Europe. A piece from ifruniture's luxury CARDIFF collection.
$2,538.00 from $1,483.00

CHRISTMAS Acacia Dining Table in 3 Sizes (Out of Stock)

Our CHRISTMAS series comes in white painted timber with Acacia wood accents.
$899.00 from $493.00

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