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We are a fast-growing furniture retail company in New Zealand. We see ourselves as the game-changer in this industry.

Although furniture retail is a conventional business, we are not bound by tradition. We think forward and always try to find new ways to improve and get things done. Change is a part of who we are, as Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Our vision is “to make beautiful furniture affordable & accessible to everyone” and our work philosophy is made of four pillars: Workaholic, Fight-holic, IT-holic, and Workflow-holic. While the latter three terms are made up by us, we firmly believe that they reflect our values and working style.

We welcome applications from sales representatives, marketing specialists, IT engineers, and handymen who share our vision and values. We are always striving to improve, and we can create a suitable role for you based on your potential.

If you believe you are a like-minded individual and would like to join us on this exciting journey, please send your CV and cover letter to, and we will be in touch. Please put your name and the position you are applying for in the email subject line, for instance, "Elon Musk - IT." We appreciate your interest in us.

Come and join our team of passionate revolutionaries with boundless aspirations to achieve!


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