FREEDOM Gel Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress with Mini Pocket Spring Pillow Top *Queen Size
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(Out of Stock) FREEDOM Gel Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress with Mini Pocket Spring Pillow Top *Queen Size

Upgrade your sleep system with this FREEDOM mattress.
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Upgrade your sleep system with this FREEDOM mattress. High-density foam, Pocket spring with foam encasement, and Gel memory foam combine to create an incredibly supportive mattress with just the right amount of softness. If you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, you’ll love the firm feel and if you’re looking for a universally comfortable mattress to upgrade your home, you won’t be disappointed. The knitted fabric surface increases breathability while cooling gel infusions capture and dissipate heat to help maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. Moldable memory foam aligns the spine so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and sore mornings for good.


  • Mini Pocket Spring Pillowtop
  • Gel memory foam
  • Knitted fabric surface
  • Pocket spring with foam encasement
  • High-density foam and chemical fabric

About pocket spring mattress:

Unlike standard spring systems, where springs are hooked up to one another by wire, the pocket springs have complete autonomy from each other, giving more freedom, less roll-together, and reducing partner distraction. Each time you move, the pocket springs right away responds, and moves with you. Each spring is free to retort to individual pressure regarding the weight placed on it, leading to support in contouring the body shape.

Pocket spring and bonnell spring structure

Pocket spring and Bonell spring structure

It's proven that the pocket spring mattresses create less strain on the body than a traditional innerspring mattress. Pocket springs comply with the body's shape helping to maintain natural spinal alignment and distribute body pressure. Moreover, zoned support divides the mattress into sections giving different support levels in selected areas to provide natural spinal alignment and additional lumbar support where you want it most.

More luxurious, with individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets, the springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. Ideal if there is a considerable weight or size variation between you and your partner

Measurements: cm

152W 203D 32H


Mattress size may vary a little, normally within 1~2 cm

It comes rolled packed. Once rolled out cannot be rolled back in again

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