ULTAN Living & Dining Room Collection
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ULTAN Living & Dining Room Collection

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Crafted with a natural oak veneer tabletop and reinforced by an engineered wood base, this coffee table embodies both elegance and durability. Its generous proportions provide versatility, while the contemporary striped design adds sophistication to any living space. With simple assembly and a smooth finish for easy maintenance, the ULTAN 1.2M Coffee Table transcends furniture, reflecting a blend of refined taste and functionality.
Boasts a natural oak veneer seat that exudes warmth and charm, paired with an engineered wood base featuring oak veneer for enhanced stability and longevity. Its adaptable oak color and modern striped detailing introduce an element of sophistication to any setting. Providing robust support and spacious dimensions, it accommodates multiple users comfortably. Its sleek, refined design guarantees a polished aesthetic, while its low-maintenance nature ensures enduring appeal.
Picture a beautiful tabletop crafted from natural oak veneer and a sturdy base made of engineered wood, ensuring both elegance and durability. With its charmingly detailed stripes and a spacious 1.8-meter length, it's perfect for dining and hosting gatherings with friends and family. Plus, its versatile design fits seamlessly into any home décor, promising to be a timeless addition to your space.