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The OASIS Coconut Matress is a firm mattress made with 100% natural coconut fibers. It features layers of natural latex and coconut fiber that provide support and comfort while promoting healthy sleep. The unique combination of materials creates a firm and supportive sleep surface that is also highly breathable and helps keep you cool throughout the night. Additionally, this mattress utilizes natural plant oils to reduce bacteria and ensure a clean sleep environment. The OASIS Coconut Matress is perfect for those looking for a supportive yet comfortable sleep experience.
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Experience the ultimate in sleep comfort with the Natura Coconut Mattress, crafted from 100% natural coconut fibers for superior support and breathability. Its highly breathable design promotes cool and comfortable sleep, while natural plant oils reduce bacteria, ensuring a clean sleep environment. Invest in the Natura Coconut Mattress for the perfect balance of firmness and comfort, guaranteeing restful nights and rejuvenated mornings.
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The OVERTURE mattress is a great addition to our range. It's a pocket spring mattress with a firm feel. OVERTURE mattress is foam enchased so you don't feel the springs on the side. Available in all sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, & Super King
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